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Why Carlson – Automatic Screw Feeding & Screwdriving

Our advanced Handheld SureDRIVE Automatic Screwdriver Head sets the standard today.The Depth of our Fixtured Automatic Screwdriving Head Line is unmatched. We offer over 40 different STANDARD screwdriving heads from single spindle to multi-spindle. Our automatic screwfeeders are simple with few moving parts. We design our screwfeeder to your fastener. We have found that adjustment leads to out of adjustment. We designed adjustment out of our products whenever possible.

We Keep Your Maintenance Department In Mind

We make changing screwdriver bits or sockets easy and quick. In most cases, no tools are required to change a screwdriver bit or socket. We try to make all the regular maintenance as easy to do as possible. Our goal is to provide the most reliable and serviceable automatic screwfeeders and automatic screwdriver heads on the market today.

If you are looking for an automatic screwdriving and screwfeeding system give us a call. We do screwdriving and we do it well. Carlson specializes in screw driving and we know what can be done and more importantly what should be done. There is a solution to every screwdriving challenge. We will offer our advice in hopes of winning your business and respect.

We Provide Component Packages to System Integrators & Machine Builders

  • Screw feeders – with stainless or cast aluminum bowls
  • Screw Presenters – for pick and place applications
  • Step Feeders – for high volume and larger fasteners
  • Screw Drive Heads – single spindle and multi-spindle
  • Screw Escapements – to mount to existing bowl feeders

Advanced Engineering

Advanced Engineering

Our automated screwdriving and screw feeding systems are designed to meet our customers unique needs. Our products are designed in 3D using SolidWorks and we can provide 3D models of our components to speed up your design and approval process. Having solid models reduces errors by providing a clearer understanding of our product and how it will work with yours. All service manuals are provided in PDF and hard copy. Our detailed manuals have complete exploded views of our products, suggested spare parts, and troubleshooting guides.

We provide what you want to buy… not what we want to sell.

We are honest and willing to share your view. We are creative and willing to take on challenging applications with enthusiasm. Our job is to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. We know screwdriving and screwfeeding and you know your product. Working together we will make your assembly process more productive.

There is always more than one way to solve a problem.
We strive to provide the most reliable and cost effective solution.




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