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drive cells

Carlson Engineering Custom Drive Cells

All of our drive cells offer considerable benefits in both quality control and productivity. Better material handling features such as automatic loading and off-loading of parts assures the integrity of finished parts throughout the fastening process. Our drive cells also assure the component part is in place correctly before screws are installed, cutting down on assembly defects.Because each Drive Cell is customized per the application, there are countless configurations available. We are eager to discuss your next assembly project to see what we can offer you for a cost-effective solution to you or your customer’s automated screw driving / assembly needs.All of our drive cells are custom designed to meet specific needs. Our products are designed in 3D using Solidworks and we provide 3D models of our components to speed up your design, layout and approval process. The use of solid models reduces errors by providing a clearer understanding of our product and how it will integrate with your design. The following drive cell examples are illustrated in Solidworks and are typical of the design development phase of a new project.

Carlson Engineering Cartesian Robotic Drive Cell
Cartesian Robotic
Drive CellCarlson Engineering Multi-Spindle Drive Cell

Drive Cell

Robotic Drive Cells

Single Spindle Drive Cells

Multi-Spindle Drive Cells

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