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fixtured drivers

Fixtured Automatic Screwdriver Head Systems

Carlson Engineering has the deepest product offering of fixtured screwdriving heads on the market today These drive heads are mounted to cartesian robots, transfer lines, fixtures, SCARA robots, work cells, and indexing stations.

Fixtured Automatic Screw Driving Heads
We build drive heads to drive screws one at a time or many screws at once. All of our drive heads use high load liner guide bearings and are designed to operate 3 shifts a day with minimal maintenance.

The Fixtured Drive Head Series

These core products also have 4 sub-product ranges within them.

Type 1- Designed to work with a screwfeeder. This is a two stage slide with travel to part and bit stroke.

Type 2 – Designed to work with a screw presenter for pick and place applications. This is a two stage slide the same as the Type 1. It has a vacuum pick up finder in place of the jaws that hold the screw.

Type 3 – Designed to be a self-feed nut runner or thread checker.

Type 4 – Designed to work with a screw feeder or screw presenter. This is a single stage slide which must be lowered into position above the work piece. It is normally used with a robot that has a Z-axis or mounted to another slide.

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