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X-mod 3.0

The X-MOD 3.0 Fixtured Automatic Screwdriver Head

X-mod 3.0

The Xmod 3.0 is a servo advanced screw driving slide. It has all the advantages of the standard Xmod but with these added benefits.

Using the servo in place of an air cylinder offers the following advantages in regards to the screw driving process:.

The X-MOD 3.0 Fixtured Automatic Screwdriver Head by Carlson Engineering

You can control the force applied to the screw during the screwdriver’s bits advance. Advantages:

  1. With a self-drilling or self-threading screw, you can apply high initial force and then reduce the force after the threading has started.
  2. With a machine screw, you can apply very little force thus allowing the screwdriver bit to turn the screw prior to pressing down hard to keep the bit engaged. This will reduce cross threading dramatically.
  3. Because the servo is connected to a screw and nut, the weight of the screwdriver motor, slide carriage, bit, socket, spindle etc. are on the lead screw. This stops the slide hammer effect you have with an air cylinder. When you advance a 5-pound mass with an air cylinder it hits the screw like a hammer. With the servo coupled with a lead screw this energy is absorbed by the by the lead screw, not the screw you intend to drive.

You can control the speed and position of the screwdriver bit. Advantages

  1. You can rapid the screwdriver bit at 400mm per second at maximum thrust until you reach the screw. You can then slow down and reduce the force as desired. This will increase cycle time considerably. With a standard air cylinder, you would use a flow control that would give you a constant speed. This constant speed would be much slower than the servo in most circumstances due to the inertia. If you allow the screwdriver motor to move a 400mm per second and then slam into the screw and in turn the part (customer’s product). This will result in poor screwdriver bit life, you may damage the screwdriver motor, and you may damage the parts you are driving the screws into. The servo motor eliminates this and allows very high production rates.
  2. You can change speed and force of the screw driver bit at will. You can do this over the entire travel length.
  3. If you are driving screws invertedly (vertical up) you can advance the bit and stop just behind the screw head to stop the screw from falling back down the delivery tube. You can also do this to speed up the process. By advancing the bit the moment the screw arrives you will reduce cycle time.

Having the servo advance the jaws that hold the screw to the product that the screw is being driven into has the following advantages.

  1. You can stop the jaws at any position. You can do this over the entire travel length.
  2. You can drive screws at different part elevations.
  3. You can make contact with the screw driving surface and track the screw installation depth relative to the screw installation surface.
  • Includes closed loop servo motor, servo amplifier and control
  • Independently programmable position, speed, acceleration, force, etc.
  • Easy to use; make a few 24 VDC connections and program in 15 minutes!
  • Program from handheld pendant or from PC
  • Virtually infinite positioning possible
  • Networkable up to 16 axes
  • DeviceNet and CC-Link gateways available
  • 50-300mm stroke versions

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