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Handheld Drivers

Handheld Automatic Screwdriver Head Systems

Carlson Engineering handheld automatic screwdriving heads are ergonomic and designed to work with a screwfeeder. They will automate your screwdriving process by automatically driving the screws into your product. They can be fitted with almost any brand of a screwdriver on the market today.

Carlson’s line of automated screw driving and screw feeding products are better designed to offer higher torque in more compact units. Our years of application experience result in better design concepts that make the Carlson line the “Right Choice” for industry’s toughest and most challenging applications.
The TeleSCOPING Handheld Automatic Screwdriver Head by Carlson Engineering

TeleSCOPING Handheld Automatic Screwdriver Head

The TeleSCOPING head works on the principal of two tubes sliding into each other. The TeleSCOPING travel will vary with the application. For example, a #2 screw 1/2 inch long would require about 1 inch of travel and a #10 screw 1 inch long would require about 2 inches of travel. This travel takes time, the operator needs to push down and lift up this travel distance. There are advantages to this design and they are outlined on the TeleSCOPING page.


The SureDRIVE Handheld Automatic Screwdriver Head by Carlson EngineeringSureDRIVE Handheld Automatic Screwdriver Head
The SureDRIVE is a high-tech drive head utilizing 3 hollow bore cylinders to advance the bit. This design does not contain spinning seals. The bit floats freely down the center of the cylinder. The SureDRIVE moves the screw driver bit forward and back when activated. The SureDRIVE can be activated in many ways. It can be setup with lever start, push-to-start, or remote start when connected to a DC Tool or a custom control system. When activated the SureDRIVE advances the screwdriver bit forward driving the screw into the product. Once the screw driving process is completed the SureDRIVE retracts the bit letting another screw into the jaws. Once the screw is in place the SureDRIVE locks the bit against the screw head holding the screw proud so the operator can guide it into the hole easily. The SureDRIVE’s key advantage is SHORT TRAVEL for the operator. Other advantages are listed on the SureDRIVE page.


The SuperDRIVE Handheld Automatic Screwdriver Head by Carlson EngineeringSuperDRIVE Handheld Automatic Screwdriver Head
The Carlson SUPERDrive provides the ideal ergonomic solution to high torque and difficult access to some of the most difficult screwdriving challenges. The SUPERDrive  torque reaction automatic screw driving arm offers a powerful operating area. The spring balancer suspends the drive head to prevent it from dropping. With no reaction torque being transmitted  back to the operators wrists and reduced vibration it is very easy to work with. To learn more about the SUPERDrive click on any SUPERDrive word.

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