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The SuperDRIVE Handheld Automatic Screwdriver Head

The Carlson SUPERDrive torque reaction automatic screw driving arm offers a wide operating area and a spring balancer suspends the drive head to prevent it from dropping. With no reaction torque being transmitted back to the operator’s wrist and reduced vibration, the SUPERDrive provides the ideal ergonomic solution to high torque and difficult access
screwdriving challenges.

The SuperDRIVE Handheld Automatic Screwdriver Head by Carlson Engineering

Key Features

  • Screwdriving head is based on the proven X-Mod Drive head
  • 25 Nm torque capacity
  • Quick screwdriver bit change
  • Sensors at slide travel limits
  • Shock absorbers on slide travel limits
  • Can adapt to most screwdrivers on the market: DC, electric, or air
  • Smooth movement
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Reliable linear bearings on all movements for accuracy and long life
  • True verticle movement – All motions are straight with no arcing motion
  • Off-set Trigger start is standard – allows good visibility of the workpiece
  • Torque arm absorbs the torque reaction reducing operator fatigue
  • Will help keep the screwdriver bit engaged reducing bit chatter and thus increasing bit life
  • The SuperDRIVE will adapt to most brands of screwdrivers on the market


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