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The SureDRIVE Handheld Automatic Screwdriver Head

Carlson Engineering’s SureDRIVE automatic screwdriving head is designed to work with a screwfeeder. It will automate your screwdriving process by automatically driving the screw into your product. The SureDRIVE head can be setup to drive screws to torque. The SureDRIVE is one of the most advanced handheld drive heads available. It can be fitted with almost any brand of screwdriver on the market.


The SureDRIVE Handheld Automatic Screwdriver Head by Carlson Engineering

Key Features

  • 10 Nm torque capacity
  • Small size and weight
  • Simple design with long life
  • Works well for left or right handed operators
  • Operator push down travel is less than 1/8 of an inch.
  • Non-adjustable – which reduces product maintenance
  • Ergonomic – very little pushdown force required by operator
  • 3-bit stroke lengths available 1.625, 2.250, and 4.25 inches of travel
  • Self-advancing bit lifts jaws off of part greatly reducing scuffing
  • In many cases, a standard 3.5-inch long power bit can be used
  • Easy bit change – simply unthread the jaw assembly and the bit is exposed
  • The SureDRIVE will adapt to most brands of screwdrivers on the market

Key Limitations

  • Maximum of 40 pounds of downward force that can be applied to screw
  • Force limitation make it less ideal for self-drilling screws requiring high thrust

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