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C70 dual spindle system

The C70 Dual Spindle Fixtured Screwdriver System with Machine or Integrator Control Package

The package consists of:

  • 2 (Two) Machine Mount Automatic Screwdriving Slides (select under options)
  • Screwfeeder – (select under options)
  • C-DE Dual Screw Escapement
  • Control Package (select under options)

The C70 Machine or Integrator Controlled Dual Spindle Fixtured Screwdriver and Screw Feeder System Package

Key Features

  • Hardened tool steel screw escapement with only two moving parts
  • PLC control
  • High-quality valves
  • High-quality FRL
  • Screw track level sensor so screws are replenished only when needed
  • Hardened steel screw driving head
  • Non-adjustable screw escapement – prevents adjustments that govern the reliability of the system
  • Acoustic enclosure with a top fill window
  • Operator interface – two button start and stop button

Screwfeeder options:

  • A1D Screwfeeder – Max screw size 1.0″ length and 1/2″ diameter
  • A18 Screwfeeder – Max screw size 2.5″ length and 5/8 diameter
  • A24 Screwfeeder – Max screw size 3.5″ length and 7/8 diameter

Fixtured Screwdriving Head Options

  • SlimDRIVE
  • XMOD
  • TwinSLIM

Control Package option

  • C70 Control Package
  • Sparse Control Box – NO PLC

Other Options

  • Custom jaws
  • Side entry jaws
  • Finder jaws
  • Finger jaws
  • Slot jaws
  • Three-way clamshell jaws
  • Non-marking standoff heel for jaws
  • Short screw kit for fasteners sub 1:1.5 ratio
  • Drive-to depth for height critical or woodworking applications
  • Specialized feeder bowl coatings

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