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tool stands

OpASSIST Tool Stand and Torque Reaction Arm

The ever growing demand to reduce elbow stress & carpal tunnel syndrome has lead to the development of the OpASSIST Family of tool stands. The OpASSIST tool stand is both a Torque Reaction Arm and Parallel Arm. The OpASSIST torque arm absorbs the torque reaction from a electric or air screwdriver, pneumatic drill, DC electric tool, handheld tapping motor, or fixtured tapping motor while keeping the tool perpendicular to the work piece. It will reduce the stress to the operators elbow, wrist and shoulder. The OpASSIST can provide additional ergonomics with the DownASSIST option. With the DownASSIST option the OpASSISTtoolstand can remove all downward force needed to move the tool down to the work piece as well as maintain pressure on the screwdriver bit, drill bit, or tap during the screwdriving, drilling or tapping operation.

Key Features common in the OpASSIST Family

  • Ball bearings on linear, rotary movements – The torque arm moves freely vertically, horizontally and rotationally about the vertical axis.
  • Uses spring balancers to hold the tool up, so even if air pressure is lost it will not drop the tool onto the work piece or operator.
  • More options for mounting your tool – Custom tool holders are available
  • Comes standard with bench and celling (inverted) mounting
  • Cable and hose management kits included
  • NLL/NLL and NLE/NLE PRO arms are interchangeable in their respective family. If your application changes you can change from a elbow to a linier arm or vice-versa
  • Lighter Push Down Force – Spring balancers are mounted to a rotating arm that adjusts up and down the vertical column allowing adjustment for the balancers travel. Other products mount the balancer on the top of the stand requiring most of the balancer’s travel to be used. This increases the push down force required by the operator. The OpAssist tool stand is one of the only products designed to work intelligently with an automatic screwfeeder.

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