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down assist tool stands

DownASSIST Tool Stand

The Down ASSIST option is designed to ad the operator by applying downward force once a lever is activated. The force takes place in 2 stages. The first staging is light forward force allowing the operator to lower the screwdriver into position without applying push down force. Once the screwdriver is in position and the screwdriver motor is activated the second stage begins. The second stage applies adjustable downward force of 1-60 lbs. The operator can let go of the lever at anytime to abort the process. When the operator lets go of the lever the screwdriver will gently lift away and return to the home / up position.

Key Features

  • Provides consistent screw driving results by applying the same downward force no matter which operator is using it
  • Torque arm absorbs the torque reaction reducing operator fatigue
  • Improves quality – consistent downward force will improve the final torque and thread quality
  • Makes Installing self drilling screws easy for the operator. The OpASSIST Stand will apply the right amount of force to drill the hole optimally
  • If you are installing self tapping screws the DownASSIST force helps insure the screw starts threading immediately. This will improve thread quality on the first few threads
  • Helps keep the screwdriver bit engaged reducing bit chatter and thus increasing bit life


What Operators Say

  • “Makes installing self drilling screws EASY!!!”
  • “Makes guiding the tool around the work area a snap.”

DownASSIST Tool Stand aids operator by applying downward force

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