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opassist nle tool stands

OpASSIST NLE Tool Stand Balancer

The Carlson NLE Tool Stand has a unique elbow feature that allows the arm to move from the innermost to outermost reach without adjustment. Fitted with two 5 lbs. spring balancers, our stand holds power tools without dropping them while vertically providing assistance in keeping the proper bit / fastener head engagement – preventing screw head damage in most applications. All unit arms weigh less than 10 lbs. making them easy to operate. With no reaction torque being transmitted back to the operator’s wrist and reduced vibration, they provide the ideal ergonomic solution to tool mounting problems.

NLE Tool Balancers Key Features

Key Features

    • Up to 36” of linear reach
    • Inward reach capabilities
    • Smooth yet safe
    • Low inertia
    • True vertical movement

All Carlson Tool Stands are available with the DownASSIST kit

DownASSIST enhancement applies an additional 20 lbs (88N) of controlled thrust onto the fasteners head, on demand. It also acts as a failsafe, should the operator let go of the system, it gently retracts to the “home” position, preventing the tool from falling.

NLE Tool Stand provides flexibility and wide operating area


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