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Industries Served

Carlson Engineering has been designing and developing automated screwdriving systems for multiple industries for decades. Whether it is a complex project in the aerospace industry or a tight space within the automotive industry, we can create a system that will do the job. Working closely with our customers, we are able to create automated systems and drive cells that integrate very well into their existing assembly lines and production processes.

Throughout this section we highlight some industries that we have done multiple projects in. Anything that is built on an assembly line, or that has a screw or fastener in it, we can build a system to accommodate that application. Our products can be used alone or incorporated into other existing production lines. With our full line of handheld tools, systems, and drive cells coupled with our custom component packages there is virtually no industry that we can’t incorporate our products into!

We welcome you to contact us and discuss your next simple or complex automated screwdriving project to see if we might be able to design a cost-effective, time saving system to incorporate into your production line.

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