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Industries Served

Medical Industry

Medical Industry - Custom Multi-Spindle Systems
Carlson Engineering has the experience and capability of building custom multi-spindle systems and drive cells that address the issues surrounding the medical industry. We’ve developed specialized automated delivery systems that accommodate smaller screws often needed in this market. We also offer various coatings on our feeders that assure fasteners maintain their integrity before, during and after placement. Our stations have been used to assemble various products in the medical field such as:

  • Hospital beds
  • Frames
  • Rails
  • Axles, caster assemblies
  • Wheel chair assemblies
  • Systolic pump assemblies
  • Heart valve assemblies
  • IV assemblies

With our design capabilities and extensive experience in the medical industry, Carlson is ready to take on your next complex project with confidence. Call one of our knowledgeable staff members to discuss your next automated screwdriving project.

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