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    SlimDRIVE Automatic Screwdriving Head Fixtured Driver Slides

    The Carlson Engineering SlimDRIVE automatic screwdriving head is designed to work with a screwfeeder. The SlimDRIVE will automate your screwdriving process by automatically advancing the screw to your product, stopping above it and then advancing the bit, and lastly driving the screw to torque or depth. It can be fitted with almost any brand of screwdriver on the market today. The SlimDRIVE can be fitted with a screwdriver with an offset gearbox. This drive head allows a side to center clearance of less than 3/8 of an inch. We have been making this drive head since 1990.


    Key Features
    • Very narrow 1 1/2 inches wide
    • Screw depth control standard
    • Quick screwdriver bit change
    • Linear guide bearings for long life
    • Home and extend limit switches
    • Quick change screwdriver mount
    • Maximum of 1/2 head diameter
    • Offset head option for close centers
    • Screw presence option with bracket
    • Shock absorbers at all slide travel limits
    • Stroke lengths from 4 to 10 inches available
    • Very light weight, 6.5 pounds without screwdriver
    • Can adapt to most screwdrivers on the market: DC, electric, or air
    • Up to 80 pounds of downward force that can be applied to screw
    • Active screw depth control available - uses your part surface as the datum
    • Jaw stop prevents jaws from touching part which will eliminate part scuffing
    Key Limitations
    • May not have enough thrust for some self drilling screws
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