CoBots — Robotic Screwdriving Systems

CoBots — Robotic Screwdriving Systems


Carlson Robotic Screwdrivers are engineered specifically for human-robot screw assembly collaboration applications.

CoBots have taken the robotic screw assembly industry by storm, and for good reason. These machines are versatile, precise, and can be used in a wide variety of industries.

That’s why we’ve developed a line of CoBot screwdrivers specifically for HRC (human-robot-collaboration). With the onset of new Collaborative Robotics technology in the screw fastening industry, your production line workers can now work directly with robotic positioning systems – resulting in more efficient assembly processes and a safer working environment. This enables your workers to be more productive and focus on other tasks, while the CoBot takes care of the repetitive and dangerous screwdriving tasks. Alternatively, human-CoBot interaction can be used in a more efficient manner.

Carlson Engineering’s robotic screwdrivers can be configured to be compatible with all major brands of CoBots, including: Universal Robots, FANUC, KUKA, Yaskawa Motoman, ABB, etc.

As a result of both our advanced engineering and universal compatibility, we are quickly becoming the robotic screwdriving system provider of choice for companies around the globe who are looking to improve their production line efficiency and quality.

A Collaborative Robot, or “CoBot”, is a robot designed to work safely and effectively alongside humans in manufacturing or other industrial applications. While CoBots have been around for a few years now, their use in robotic screwdriving systems is relatively new. The biggest advantage of using CoBots for robotic screwdriving are their size, price, flexibility, and collaborative abilities.

CoBots are typically much smaller than their industrial counterparts and thus take up less space on the factory floor. They are also much more affordable, which makes them a great option for small- to medium-sized businesses that want to automate their assembly processes to drive higher manufacturing ROI and output simultaneously.


CoBot applications that our screw driving systems can integrate into.

There are many different scenarios in which a CoBot robotic screw driving system could be employed in order to achieve an optimized assembly workflow – here are a few examples of CoBot applications in every-day manufacturing environments:

CoBot working with operator screwdriving

1. Human-Robot Collaboration

Applications that rely on full collaboration between a human operator and a CoBot.

CoBot outside of drive cell

2. HR Coexistence

Our robotic screwdrivers are safe and perfect for exposed coexistence in the workplace.

CoBot inside of drive cell

3. Inside Drive Cell

Fully-automated assembly processes that require a human operator and a protective cell.


Robotic screwdriving systems that are ideal for CoBot applications.

CoBot automatic screwdriver systems must be safe for HRC interactions, but also highly versatile & capable.

For this reason, we design, engineer, and code custom solutions that are unique to each application. All of our engineering and manufacturing processes are handled in-house to ensure the top-tier quality of our robotic screwdriver end-effectors.

SKU: HHD-186
An ergonomically designed handheld automatic screwdriver designed for low-torque and high maneuverability handheld automatic screwdriving applications, which is intended for use with a tool stand.