Automotive Industry: Manufacturing Automation In Automotive

Automotive Industry: Manufacturing Automation In Automotive

Industrial Automatic Screwdriving - Car Manufacturing

Carlson Engineering: Driving the automotive industry forward for over 30 years.

Carlson is the clear choice for automotive manufacturers.

When it comes to the automotive industry, Carlson has a great deal of experience in designing custom multi-spindle and single spindle screwfeeding stations as well as custom handheld screwfeeding systems for the installation of screws. This field offers interesting challenges as most systems are being designed while the OEM is still developing the production line.

This calls for intense coordination between both design teams to assure that our automated system is ready to install when the production line is ready to receive it. Further, our systems can accommodate extremely tight clearances.

How robots are used in car manufacturing:

Automated car production helps cars get off of the assembly line quicker – and thanks to our custom-built advanced automotive manufacturing systems, we are able to provide solutions for the automotive industry.

Robots, or cobots when they are used by a human operator, help to make the automated production of cars quick, easy, and cost-efficient. Our handheld screwdrivers help operators acheive advanced levels of precision in assembling car parts, and our robotic servo-advanced screwdrivers allow car manufacturing robots to reliably drive screws, nuts, and bolts to precise levels of depth and torque.

Carlson's aerospace manufacturing technology:

Automotive manufacturing technology is capable of producing a wide range of products which are fundamental to the assembly of cars on an assembly line – from Ford to Tesla and everything in between, here are some of the products which Carlson Engineering automated screwdrivers and screw feeders are used for in the process of making automobiles:

When it comes to cobots in the automotive industry, Carlson Engineering is a brand name that you will hear often due to the reliability of our machinery, advanced technology, and affordable systems that help to streamline the automotive production process.