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Fastener Type
Head Shape
Cylinder Head Screw

Screw Dimensions:

In order to help us better configure your automatic screwdriving & screwfeeding product needs, please reference this diagram.

Major Diameter (MD)
In millimeters (mm). If your screw has a washer, use washer diameter.
Overall Length (OL)
In millimeters (mm)
Head Height (HH)
In millimeters (mm)
Shaft Diameter (SD)
In millimeters (mm)
Obstacle around workspace?
If a workspace has limited clearance, then we must use either a vacuum or a magnetic finder in order to navigate it.
Length A:
In millimeters (mm)
Length B:
In millimeters (mm)
Length C:
In millimeters (mm)
Length D:
In millimeters (mm)
Distance E:
In millimeters (mm)
Part Composition
What is this part made of?
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Who is providing the screwdriver tool?
What screwdriver tool will be used?
Fixtured or Handheld
Torque Requirement
Desired Cycle Time
Motor/Drive Style
Screwdriving Orientation
Screwdriver Spindles
Vibratory bowl feeder or step feeder?
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Please attach any files that are relevant to this job. This includes files / drawings of the part which is to be fastened, files / drawings of the fastener to be used, files / drawings of the desired orientation of the drive head, etc. Max file size is 250 MB. Up to 5 files can be attached to this upload. Preferred file types are JPG, PNG, PSD, STL, and OBG. If your file type is not allowed, send an email containing your file after you complete this form.

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