Fixtured Automatic Screwdrivers

Fixtured Automatic Screwdrivers

Single & multi spindle automatic screwdrivers completely automate the screw driving process along an manufacturing assembly line when mounted to third party robotic arms and positioning systems.

MiniMod Mini Automatic Screwdriver Head Type 6 Side 2
Low torque, light weight


XMod Automatic Screwdriver Head Carlson Engineering Type 4 Side 2
Modular design


XMod Model S Automatic Screwdriver Type 1 Side 1
Electric-advanced motor

XMod "Model S"

XMod HD Automatic Screwdriving Head Type 4 Side 2
Heavy-duty XMod


SuperMod Automatic Screwdriver Drive Head Type 1 Side 2
Extreme torque capacity


SlimDrive Automatic Carlson Engineering Screwdriver Type 1 Side 1
Slim, flexible design


TwinSlim MultiSpindle Automatic SCrewdriver Type 4 Side 2
Lightweight multi-spindle


MidDrive Multi-Spindle Automatic Screwdriver Head Type 4 Side 4
Up to 6 spindles


MultiDrive Multi-Spindle Automatic Drive Head Type 4 Side 2
Up to 18 spindles


Fixtured driving

70 - 94% Faster production lines.

Full HRC interactions are now made possible - through Carlson Engineering.

Our innovative approach to manufacturing engineering allows for the development of the some of the most cutting-edge automatic screw driving systems in the assembly automation industry.

From our MiniMod automatic screwdriver which seamlessly integrates into low-payload robotic arm assemblies, to our high-torque and heavy-duty SuperMod, which is capable of an astonishing 1,000 Nm torque capacity, and everything in between, we engineer the most dynamic and versatile automated screw driving systems in the assembly line automation industry.

* This chart accurately represents a 70 -94% boost in speed when using a fixtured single-spindle or multi-spindle automatic screwdriver in place of a manual screw driving device.

Our highly capable and dedicated team of engineers work tirelessly in tangent with your production line to facilitate the most accurate & efficient solution to your robotic screw driving application, effectively cutting production and maintenance costs in half as well as speeding up your operation by margins of up to 5x the speed of traditional, dated auto-feed screwdriver systems.

Why use a Carlson Engineering & Manufacturing automatic screw assembly system?

Our single-spindle, multi-spindle, hand-held, and CoBot-mounted screw assembly automation systems can dramatically increase your production volume while lowering overhead, and also offer the following advantages:

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Types 1-6

Drive Head Type Chart

Every assembly is different. That’s why we’ve engineered adaptability into our single-spindle drive heads – so that no matter the application, we have a drive head that will work for you. Each type of drive head has different qualities which make it more suited for a particular style of fastener driving.

Type 1 Drive Head Drawing

Type 1 Drive Heads

Type 1 drive heads include a dual-stage travel slide, with two travel strokes.

Type 2 Drive Head Drawing

Type 2 Drive Heads

Primarily used for pick & place presenter applications or nut-running with a vacuum finder.

Type 3 Drive Head Drawing

Type 3 Drive Heads

Type 3 drive heads are intended for driving pre-placed screws, nut running, and bottle-capping.

Type 4 Drive Head Drawing

Type 4 Drive Heads

Type 4 drive heads have a single-stage travel slide – opposite of the Type 1 drive heads.

Type 5 Drive Head Drawing

Type 5 Drive Heads

A drive head that is configured with a vacuum bit extend option, designed to work with a blow feeder.

Type 6 Drive Head Drawing

Type 6 Drive Heads

A drive head that is configured with a magnetic bit extend option, designed to work with a blow feeder.