S3.5 Screw Step Feeder Enclosed

S3.5 Screw Step Feeder Enclosed

SKU: S35-118

S3.5 Screw Step Feeder Enclosed

An electrically motorized 3.5″ (90mm) enclosed screw step feeder suitable for feeding or presenting fasteners to a drive head or screw dispenser assembly.
Step Feeder's appearance may vary depending on your application's fastener type, tool type, torque specifications, available space, and more factors. Contact sales for more information.
Feeder Details
Step Size
Step Size
Step Size
Hopper Options
Head Diameter
Max. Screw Ø
Screw Length
Max. Screw Length
Head Dia
Max. Shaft Ø
Fastener Type
Fastener Types
Screw, Set-Screw, Nut, Bolt, Pin, Stud, Rivet
About the feeder

An automatic screw step feeder design engineered to suit your specific application.

The Carlson Engineering S3.5 Screw Step Feeder Enclosed is designed to be a low-maintenance, durable, and reliable system you can count on for years.

To prevent tampering, we’ve engineered our automatic step feeder systems so that there are no mechanical adjustments. All parts of our step feeder mechanism are machined to the specifications of your particular fastener, and dowel pinned in place. This make maintenance of our stepper feeder systems easy: the escapement can be taken apart for cleaning, and it will go back together precisely as originally manufactured.

Our track level sensor is custom made for the Carlson escapement, ensuring superior accuracy & fastener compatibility. This sensor mounts to the escapement track and requires no positional adjustment, like the rest of our tooling. The sensor’s sensitivity is preset from the factory, and in most cases does not require adjustment.


Carlson Escapements are engineered to prevent screws from getting stuck.

Streamlined automatic screw assembly made simple.

We have engineered a 3 Step Fastener Alignment Verification system into each of our automated screwfeeders & screw presenters.

One of the most frustrating challenges caused by modern vibratory feeder bowls is the frequency of fastener jams. To solve this, we have engineered a unique 3-step fastener alignment verification process into our automatic screw feeder machines.

Error Proof Screw Feeders - Sorting Jet

Step 1: Sorting Air Jet

The first step in our 3-step fastener verification is our Non-Adjustable Sorting Air jet – a highly pressurized stream of air that ejects misaligned fasteners from the track - our first line of defense.

Error Proof Screw Feeders - Qualifying Track

Step 2: Qualifying Track Cover:​​

The second step is a Non-Adjustable Bowl Track Qualifying Cover, which prevents misaligned fasteners from passing underneath its clearance and moving down the escapement track in the first place.

Error Proof Screw Feeders - Optic Sensor

Step 3: Optic Sensor​

When the optic sensor notices that the escapement is full of screws, the step feeder's screw elevator will stop lifting fasteners to the track. This prevents back pressure and jams in the feeder tray.

Multiple enclosure options for varying application needs.

Different applications have different needs and manufacturing environments – that’s what we’ve developed three different enclosure options suitable for these varying applications.

No Enclosure: For industrial applications where sound dampening and particulate reduction on fasteners is not relevant - such as in the Aerospace or Industrial Automotive Manufacturing industries - feeders without an enclosure are the most cost-effective solution.

Sound-Dampening Enclosure: For applications requiring some sound-dampening and the reduction of dust and other debris from contaminating fasteners, a sound-dampening enclosure is simply the best approach. An example of such industries are the Consumer Electronics Manufacturing and retail automotive manufacturing industries.

Sound-Proof Enclosure: For laboratory manufacturing environments which require the ultimate in sound-proofing and particulate reduction, for example in the Medical Products Manufacturing industries, we offer sound-proof enclosures which eliminate most of the sound which results from the feeding of fasteners either by a vibratory feeder or a step feeder.

S35 Automatic Step Feeder Screw Feeding Carlson Engineering Side 13

Step Feeder System Anatomy & Features

About the S3.5 Screw Step Feeder Enclosed's design, features, and applications.

The S3.5 Series of step feeder designs come complete with hardened tool steel and stainless steel escapement. Optic controls switch the electric step elevator on and off to prevent excessive wear and over-pressurization of escapement and tooling areas as seen on other manufacturer’s systems.

Featuring an electrically motorized screw elevator assembly that lifts fasteners from the tray into the track, Carlson Engineering step feeders are a more silent option for feeding fasteners. The low vibration also helps to reduce the uneven coating distribution of fasteners coated with loctite or other substrates that are sometimes seen in vibratory bowl feeding.

3.5" (89 mm) Step Size

Carlson Engineering's S3.5 Series Stepfeeders are equipped with an electric screw elevator, which lifts screws up from the tray and into the escapement track to be either fed or presented to a drive head. Step feeders provide a more gentle handling of fasteners, and is ideal for coated fasteners.

Blow Feeding Fastener Delivery

The S3.5 Screw Step Feeder Enclosed is a blow-feeder, which means that it uses a system powered by pressurized air to blow screws through a tube and down into an automatic drive head, remote presenter, or screw dispenser.

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Types 1-6

Drive Head Type Chart

Every assembly is different. That’s why we’ve engineered adaptability into our single-spindle drive heads – so that no matter the application, we have a drive head that will work for you. Each type of drive head has different qualities which make it more suited for a particular style of fastener driving.

Type 1 Drive Head Drawing

Type 1 Drive Heads

Type 1 drive heads include a dual-stage travel slide, with two travel strokes.

Type 2 Drive Head Drawing

Type 2 Drive Heads

Primarily used for pick & place presenter applications or nut-running with a vacuum finder.

Type 3 Drive Head Drawing

Type 3 Drive Heads

Type 3 drive heads are intended for driving pre-placed screws, nut running, and bottle-capping.

Type 4 Drive Head Drawing

Type 4 Drive Heads

Type 4 drive heads have a single-stage travel slide – opposite of the Type 1 drive heads.

Type 5 Drive Head Drawing

Type 5 Drive Heads

A drive head that is configured with a vacuum bit extend option, designed to work with a blow feeder.

Type 6 Drive Head Drawing

Type 6 Drive Heads

A drive head that is configured with a magnetic bit extend option, designed to work with a blow feeder.


Feeder Compatibility Formula:

To find out whether or not your fastener can be fed using a traditional blow-feed vibratory screw feeder, use the formula below:

Screw Diagram for measuring feedability ratio

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