Introducing Our New eNewsletter!

Introducing Our New eNewsletter!

Monthly eNewsletter Carlson Engineering & Manufacturing
February 9, 2021
We are proud to introduce two new eNewsletter segments - the Distributor News & Tools eNewsletter, and the Automation & Engineering Report.

Our eNewsletter…

Carlson Engineering & Manufacturing is excited to announce our new eNewsletter!

Our eNewsletter is a place for our distributors and customers to learn more about Carlson Engineering products, updates, and goals. In our newsletter, we will be sharing thought pieces, product highlights, relevant videos and datasheets, and more. In the future, we also plan on sharing relevant case studies that our distributors will find useful as a sales tool, to help them sell more effectively.

How often will we send eNewsletters?

Our goal is to send 1-2 eNewsletters each month and to include any relevant new products, online tools, case studies, or whitepapers that we may have created in the previous month. In addition, we will also be highlighting many new features of our revamped website in the first several issues, from our updated product quote configurator tool to our fresh News & Media section.

On behalf of everyone at Carlson Engineering & Manufacturing, we would like to welcome you to our subscriber list.

Why am I subscribed to your eNewsletter?

We have two major editions of our newsletter – our Distributor News & Tools eNewsletter, which covers all of the sales tools that our distributors will find useful, and The Automation Report, which is intended for our customers and interested parties who would like to purchase our systems.

If you are subscribed to Distributor News & Tools, then you are one of our distributors and we have previous orders from you.

If you are subscribed to The Automation Report, then you have filled out a contact form on our website at some point in time, and have subscribed that way.

If you wish to unsubscribe (which we do not recommend for our distributor eNewsletter!), then you can do so by clicking on the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the email you receive. You can view our privacy policy and terms of service here.

If you are not already subscribed to our newsletter, sign up now!

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Introducing Our New eNewsletter!

We are proud to introduce two new eNewsletter segments - the Distributor News & Tools eNewsletter, and the Automation & Engineering Report.