2021 & Beyond: Our New Website

2021 & Beyond: Our New Website

New Carlson Engineering Website
February 9, 2021
Carlson Engineering remains at the forefront of cutting-edge automatic screwdriving and screw feeding technology. Introducing our new website.

Carlson update:

Meet our new website – fast, functional, and user-friendly.

At Carlson Engineering, we make an effort to stay at the forefront of the industry in all aspects of our business – from the technological superiority of our automatic screwdrivers, to the error-proof 3-step fastener alignment verification systems that make our screw feeders and step feeders the industry standard in fastener feeding, we believe that in order to stay on top we must continue to innovate.

For this reason, we have dedicated the past 4 months to extensive user research, rigorous usability testing, analytics, and data visualization, in order to give us the tools we needed to develop the most cutting-edge website & sales tools in the automatic screwdriving and screw feeding industry.

We are proud to unveil our new website and all of its new sections & features.

At first glance – not much has changed. That is intentional.

Our distributors and customers are used to our website, so we knew that we did not want to change anything too drastically. Virtually everything is in the same place as it was before, but there are some key differences between the Carlson of yesteryear and our new modern website.

  1. Speed. Our new website is blazing-fast – and, using a CDN, we are able to guarantee the same level of reliable speed to users regardless of whether they are in Australia, the US, or Canada.
  2. Mobile-friendly. Our old website was mobile-friendly, yes – but the new website takes it to a next level. Try it yourself – you can now comfortably search for products, download datasheets, and access all of the same e-tools from your desktop on a smartphone.
  3. Applications. Our old website placed an extraordinary amount of emphasis on our ability to engineer solutions for driving and feeding screws… but it pretty much stopped there. Our new website features an Applications section, where we talk about our ability to drive screws, bolts, and nuts, as well as our ability to design pin inserters, automatic riveters, and part placers/part feeders.
  4. CoBot End-Effectors. Did you know that Carlson Engineering designed screwdriving end-effectors meant for use with CoBots? Do not worry, most of our customers and distributors did not- that is our fault. Now, we have dedicated much of our website to our capabilities in terms of design and development of high-level end-effectors built specifically for collaborative robot applications.
  5. Share Configurator Results. Most of our distributors were already making use of our product quote configurator, but we noticed a gap in communication. Often, it was difficult for distributors to communicate their results to us. That has been resolved. From now on, once you complete our quote configurator, you will be directed to a page containing your results. Copy + paste that URL to us, and we will be able to see exactly what your results are.
  6. Enhanced Product Filtering. On all of our product category pages, for example, our Type 1 Drive Heads category, you can now view product information directly from the category page and filter more effectively.
  7. Super-Charged Product Pages. All of our product pages have been completely redesigned from the ground-up to prioritize the information that is most important to you. This includes our “Make Inquiry” button, Product Literature, technical specifications, and product SKU code.
  8. Live Chat. We have introduced a new sales tool that will help new customers and existing distributors have an additional mode of communication with our sales and engineering team. You can read more about our Live Chat feature here.

Thank you to all of our distributors and customers.

To all of our distributors and customers who helped us with user research, and those of you whose continued business has provided us with the freedom to innovate – thank you. This one is for you.

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Andrew R. PalaciosAuthor

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Carlson Engineering remains at the forefront of cutting-edge automatic screwdriving and screw feeding technology. Introducing our new website.
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