Types of Multi-Spindle Automated Fastening Technology

Types of Multi-Spindle Automated Fastening Technology

Multi Spindle Automatic Screwdriver Tools
December 22, 2020
Carlson Engineering’s high precision and high volume multi-spindle automatic screwdriving machine units are engineered specifically to optimize assembly lines.

Advanced dual or multi-spindle automatic screwdrivers

For applications that require the simultaneous driving of 2+ screws.

Carlson Engineering’s high precision and high volume multi-spindle automatic screwdriving machine units are engineered specifically to optimize assembly lines for low cycle times & high productivity when applications require multiple different screws, bolts, or nuts to be fastened into a part simultaneously along a common screwdriving path.

Typically, multi-spindle automatic screwdriver heads have a higher torque capacity for heavy-duty applications, making them perfect for the automotive, aerospace, and other large machine-building industries.

How does a multiple spindle screw machine for driving screws simultaneously work?

The process of simultaneous screwdriving along a common screwdriving path works exactly as one might imagine: a large, high-torque and heavy-duty machine capable of carrying more than one screw, nut, or bolt either picks up the fasteners at the presentation location or is fed the fasteners via a non-adjustable air pressure delivery system that is integrated directly into the multi-spindle head attachment.

Once the fasteners are in position and ready to be driven, the automatic screwdriver unit will automatically lower itself to the part and drive the fasteners into the corresponding holes. Our team of engineers work to seamlessly integrate our machines into your assembly line, and reduce the potential adjustments that can be made on your end as much as is possible.

Depending on whether or not the unit has screw staging (a feature that is only available for blow-fed units), it is possible to speed this process up even further by actively feeding new screws to the multiple spindle screw machine while it is working on driving the previously fed screws. This process cuts the time down drastically, meaning that the only delay factor in the screw driving assembly is how long it takes your assembly to move the next part to the proper position to be fastened!

How do you know if you need a multiple spindle or a single spindle screwdriving machine unit?

A common question that our engineers often have to answer for our distributors and machine-building customers is: “Do I need a single spindle, or a multi-spindle unit?” and the answer always lies in the type of assembly line they are using, and the design of the part which is to be fastened.

For larger, more complex assembly lines, it is very common that a multi-spindle head or a multi-spindle attachment for a screwdriver tool can potentially reduce the cycle time, effectively speeding up the assembly line and optimizing for a more overall efficient process – however, not all parts are built equally, and some parts are not meant to be fastened using a multi-spindle machine.

What kinds of parts are best fastened with a 2+ spindle automatic screwdriver tool?

Larger parts with 2+ screw holes of the same fastener type, on the same horizontal plane, typically can be fastened with a multiple spindle screwdriver machine. Now, that is not to say there are no exceptions – sometimes, there is not ample clearance to drive 2+ fasteners simultaneously.

To determine whether your part’s assembly line would benefit from multi-spindle automatic machine products, it is best to contact us with your application or visit our quote configurator to receive a speedy quote and chat with a salesperson or engineer.

What types of multi-spindle automatic machine units for driving fasteners to we offer?

We carry three main types of multi-spindle automatic screwdriving machine units: The MultiDrive, the MidDrive, and the TwinSlim Multi-Spindle.

All of these automatic screwdrivers are engineered to drive 2+ fasteners simultaneously, but the key differences between the three units are the torque capacity, and the spindle count limitations.

The MidDrive Automatic Multi-Spindle Screwdriver:

The MidDrive Automatic Multi-Spindle Screwdriver is a high precision unit capable of a high torque capacity of 100Nm (or 885.6 ft. – lb.), and can be fitted with up to 6 screwdriver spindle attachments to drive up to 6 fasteners at a time.

Each fastener can be driven with 100Nm of torque either to torque or depth into a part, and this unit is designed to work with either a blow-fed feeder or a presenter system.

The MultiDrive Automatic Multi-Spindle Screwdriver:

Similar to the MidDrive, the MultiDrive is also a high precision unit with a high torque capacity of 500Nm (or 4,428 ft. – lb.). Uniquely, this multiple spindle automatic screwdriving head can be engineered with up to 18 spindles – automating the process of manufacturing parts such as wheels and motors with ease and relatively low force when distributed along up to 18 different contact points.

Weighing 75 – 150 lb. (or 34 – 68 kg.), this heavy-duty multi-spindle machine tool for the automated driving of fasteners is suitable for the manufacturing of larger parts.

The TwinSlim Multi Spindle Automatic Screwdriver:

The lightest of our multi-spindle machine family, the TwinSlim weighs only between 35 – 45 lb. (or 16 – 20.4 kg.) and is capable of 100Nm (or 885.6 ft. – lb.).

The TwinSlim can be used with up to 4 multi-spindle attachment bits, and is suitable for simultaneously driving fasteners into parts within the medical, woodworking, or consumer products industries where a smaller, more compact device is optimal for manufacturing production lines.

How to reach out for a quote for a Multi Spindle screw machine quote:

Ready to increase the efficiency of your assembly line with a multi-spindle automatic machine for fastening screws into parts? Look no further than our online Quote Configurator – an advanced online tool by Carlson Engineering & Manufacturing that allows you to enter your fastener and application specifications for our engineering and sales team’s review.

Carlson Engineering & Manufacturing

We specialize in building multi-spindle units capable of the production of a wide variety of products within an increasingly complicated array of manufacturing industries, each one with its own quirks and technical requirements.

Our engineers are experienced enough to handle any job we take on with accuracy and precision – contact us today & get a quote for your multi-spindle machine tool for automated fastening!

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